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This is the Student Podcast PODCAST, a podcast featuring great student podcasts. Each week we highlight student work and hear from their teachers about the challenges and successes of podcasting with their students. We believe elevating students’ voices beyond the classroom and sharing the lesson process will inspire others to get podcasting with their classes! Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO & Founder of Listenwise, a listening skills program for middle and high school students. Interested in Podcasting PD?:


Oct 6, 2019

In this episode, we hear from students at Crow Agency Public School, located on the Crow Reservation in Montana. Fifth grade teacher Connie Michael was inspired to make this podcast with her students after working with teachers at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, where she learned that students across the country had significant misconceptions about life on a reservation. Connie wanted to give her students the opportunity to debunk these myths and stereotypes, and she welcomed the opportunity of the the NPR Student Podcast Challenge to share their personal experiences and make their voices heard. Listen to their full podcast here.