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This is the Student Podcast PODCAST, a podcast featuring great student podcasts. Each week we highlight student work and hear from their teachers about the challenges and successes of podcasting with their students. We believe elevating students’ voices beyond the classroom and sharing the lesson process will inspire others to get podcasting with their classes! Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO & Founder of Listenwise, a listening skills program for middle and high school students. Interested in Podcasting PD?:


Jun 9, 2019

This episode highlights Margot Amouyal’s podcast, Yolanda Wilcox González’s student, from the Beaver Country Day School in Massachusetts. Margot is a junior and has been creating a podcast series for her independent study project. We highlight one podcast from her series which was submitted to the NPR student podcast challenge this Spring, earning an honorable mention. Margot explores how the story of refugees can be told in a new and innovative ways by interviewing Christopher Morss, whose family hosted John and Joyce Built, British children evacuated during World War II, and spoke with three sixth graders from Massachusetts about modern and youthful perspectives on refugees and the importance of empowering the voices of the youth after they read the book “Refugee” by Alan Gratz. You can listen to the full podcast here. Here is the link to Monica’s DIY podcasting studio here.