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This is the Student Podcast PODCAST, a podcast featuring great student podcasts. Each week we highlight student work and hear from their teachers about the challenges and successes of podcasting with their students. We believe elevating students’ voices beyond the classroom and sharing the lesson process will inspire others to get podcasting with their classes! Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO & Founder of Listenwise, a listening skills program for middle and high school students. Interested in Podcasting PD?:


May 17, 2019

In this episode you’ll hear from Shalini Rao, a 5th Grade Teacher formerly at the Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts. Shalini used interview-style podcasting as a way to capture immigrant stories and bring the community into her classroom. Her students listened to high quality public radio stories as models for their work, and used GarageBand for editing and recording. Listen to two different student podcast samples and hear Monica point out great tips & tricks to podcasting alongside Shalini’s reflections for future podcast lessons.